Testing, Testing: Obligatory Introduction Post

Welcome to Sculpting in Dimes. If you were unable to process the unquestionably awful pun that gives this site it’s name, please, allow me to elaborate. This is a blog dedicated to my own personal and, if you will, magnificent obsessions: CINEMA & SPORTS. Thus, as you by now might have guessed, the main function of this blog is to exist at the intersection of two drastically different, and yet, so similar, areas of aesthetics and popular culture. Hopefully I’ll be spending most times in the intersection, so to speak, but each road will also be given their own isolated examinations when fitting. At the very least, I hope this site will provide myself, and yes, you (anonymous, non-existent reader), with an opportunity to get weird and talk about the things we love. Cheers.

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One Response to Testing, Testing: Obligatory Introduction Post

  1. welcome to obscurity, friend

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