Welcome to the first ever Field Trip Friday, where, you guessed it — we collectively venture out of navel-gazing comfort and into The Zone, which in this case means the (cyber) world at large.


-Glenn Kenny recalls his first (and subsequent) encounters with Pere Ubu’s The Modern Dance over at Some Came Running.

-Justin Kubatko, founder of Basketball-Reference, offers a primer on NBA advanced statistics in The New York Times.

-Carl Skanberg, Chicago’s invaluable sports cartoonist, takes on the Alexei/Jeter awards saga at Smells Like Mascot.

-Scott Skillings, both a close friend and a sharp baseball mind, analyzes a recent disturbing trend in Tim Lincecum’s falling stock over at Roto Hardball.

-Dino De Laurentiis: For Decades, a Big Picture Guy, at NPR.

Bread People & Cheese People.





[Photoshop by Alex Foucre-Stimes, other content provided with the aid of the resourceful and brilliant Tite Times Collective]

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4 Responses to FIELD TRIP FRIDAY // 001

  1. ryan says:

    WTF is up with that Colleen Thomas lady? Holy shit.

  2. kingoden says:

    You forgot

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