Field Trip Friday // 003 + 004


[Note — Since there was no field trip last Friday due to holiday excursions, please forgive the untimeliness of a few links]


-Christmas came early this year for the White Sox, and Jim Margalus examines the Adam Dunn signing over at Sox Machine.

-Jim Emerson takes on cinematic realism over at Scanners.

-On spectacle and Blake Griffin, Bethlehem Shoals conjures up my favorite take (so far) on the rookie phenom at Free Darko.

-Obvious, but necessary: Sam Peckinpah gets treated by Leonard Price in the ongoing Gateways to Geekery series at The AV Club.

-Kobe reveals his true inspiration: Michael Jackson. Adrian Wojnarowski has the story, as usual, at Yahoo! Sports.

-Hype, haters, and why Derrick Rose should be held to a higher standard, from Noam at Hardwood Paroxysm.

-John H. Richardson interviews the amusingly angry Christian Bale over at Esquire.




[Photoshop by Alex Foucre-Stimes]

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