Field Trip Friday // 005



-The Dallas Mavericks might have the best zone defense in the NBA…ever? Beckley Mason takes a look at Hoop Speak.

-NBA players are fouling out less and less, and Dan Feldman does the dirty work over at Piston Powered.

-Clyde Frazier is the best. Not that I need proof, but here’s an interview he recently did with SLAM.

-Apparently there was a Bill Veeck film in the works (starring Bill Murray!), only to be squashed by the AOL-Time Warner merger. It’s still out there, though, and Paul Sullivan briefly covers the history of the project at Chicago Breaking Sports.

-Glenn Kenny takes on auteurism, Irvin Kershner, and Jean Renoir’s French Cancan at MUBI.

-Some wonderful friends & west-coast correspondents have started up an Arizona-related sports blog: Can’t Snake a Snake.





[Photoshop by Alex Foucre-Stimes]

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One Response to Field Trip Friday // 005

  1. kingoden says:

    AZ is OK with me.

    Don’t read into that politically.

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