Trading Places: A Visual Guide To The 2011 NBA Trade Deadline

For those of you having a difficult time following the nuances of yesterday’s seismic activity known as the 2011 NBA trading deadline, Sculpting in Dimes is here for you. I don’t profess to be a prophet so I’ll hold the analysis, and instead, at the off-handed request of a friend (@joshhonn), have created a visual guide for you to follow along at home. I also don’t pretend to be an actual sportswriter, so those looking for a comprehensive breakdown and/or intricate details may do better to take a look at Tom Ziller’s deadline recap over at SB Nation.

[Ed. Note — This also means that some of the draft pick information in the visuals below is quite vulgar, as we all know trading draft picks is a complicated and something of a dependent (team performance, conference power shifts, etc.) and is quite difficult to fit into a 640×400 pixel image without clogging the whole picture up with qualifiers.]

Anyways. The images created below are quite simple. The players that have been traded are featured over the city they ended up in, and the whole thing is color coded with each team’s colors. I hope this clears up any confusion. Enjoy!

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