People Disappear Every Day

“I used to be someone else. But I traded him in. Uh, what about you?” -David Locke (Jack Nicholson) in Mike Antonioni’s The Passenger (1975).

Every time someone leaves the room, they disappear. Or at least so says Maria Schneider’s unnamed traveler in The Passenger, and I think she’s got a point. We’ve also learned from Alex Cox that it happens: sometimes people just explode. Natural causes.

I’ve yet to explode, literally, but sometimes it feels like it. Alas, I’m still alive in some capacity, which would be pretty obvious if you followed me on Twitter (@marshlands) where I’ve been as grouchy and irreverent as usual, what with the start of the baseball season, the end of the basketball season, and the subsequent and increasingly annoying online echo chamber of Bulls fans and anti-statheads that make me far more depressed than should. Oh, and those people who like bunting. Fuck them, am I right?

But this is all besides the point. The point I suppose, is that this blog is something of a luxury, a place I come when I’ve not much else going on. A room if you will; a safe haven. Think the room in Tarkovsky’s Stalker, but without all the implied religion, possible bombs planted by a mad scientist, and ungodly amounts of radiation.

At the end of the day, I could make a billion excuses as to why I haven’t spent much time in this room as of late, but that would be quite delirious of me, because that means people actually care, or that I actually have readership. I’m not delusional. So in a sense, I’m writing this to myself. Sup, dude? Not much, just get to the point. Sure, fine. I am, at present, enrolled and active in grad school (currently working on 2 short films), working the old 9 to 5er, running a university screening series, interning for the Chicago Underground Film Festival, moving at the end of the month with my wonderful girlfriend of 2+ years, co-running a vinyl-only record label with some great friends, participating in 4 fantasy baseball leagues, and trying to find time to watch some movies now and again. So that’s where were at, and I’m trying to get over my own personal inhibitions that prevent me from wanting to write anything on here that isn’t ultra long or involved or whatever.

In the meantime, here’s our record label: BLVD Records (@blvdrecords)

And here’s a fun video promo I did with Alex Foucre-Stimes for the sweet dudes in BLOODIEST.

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2 Responses to People Disappear Every Day

  1. you are not alone, you are in my inbox.

  2. Eric Marsh says:

    And yet I’ve never felt so alone.

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